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Ontario's Kings Highway 401 is one of the longest, if not the longest, of the 400-series Kings Highway. This runs from near Windsor to the Quebec/Ontario Border. It connects Windors, London, and Toronto to each other. The aprox. length of this highway is 814 km. Kings Highway 401 dates back to the 1930's when construction and planing first started. It was halted for World War II. Then started up again after the war.

Kings Highway 401 intersects other 400-Series Highways in Ontario.
Kings Highway 402, near London.
Kings Highway 403, near Oxford.
407-ETR, near Streetsville.
Kings Highway 403, at Toronto.
Kings Highway 410, at Toronto.
Kings Highway 427, at Toronto.
Kings Highway 409, at Toronto.
Kings Highway 400, at Toronto.
Kings Highway 404, at Toronto.
Kings Highway 416, near Johnstown.

A guide marker on Dougal Ave. in Windsor.

NB KH 401 at Howard Ave.

A guide marker near the end of ON KH 401.

WB ON KH 401 at the split for traffic heading to the tunnel or bridge to the U.S.A.

A close-up of the overhead from the picture above.

WB ON KH 401 near Essex County Highway 46.

A milage chart on NB ON KH 401.

A EB shield.

EB ON KH 401 in Tecumseh.

A guide marker on Essex County Highway 19.

A guide marker on Essex County Highway 19.

8 October 2009