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The E.C. Row Expressway is a north-south highway in Windsor. This runs from the Ojibway Parkway, north to Lauzon Parkway. It runs mostly through Central Windsor. At one time this was one of Ontario's "secret" highways. It was numbered highway 7087. The City of Windsor is reponsible for the maintaince of the highway. Also, at one time Ontario's Kings Highway 18 was reported to have been signed between Ojibway Parkway and Ontario's Kings Highway 3 (Huron Church Road).

The E.C. Row Expy. passes through the following town in Ontario.

E.C. Row Expy. intersects the following major highways in Ontario.
Ojibway Parkway, at Windsor.
Ontario's Kings Highway 3, (Hurbon Church Road) at Windsor.

A guide marker at the intersection of the Ojibway Parkway and Sandwich Street.

NB E.C. Row Expy. north of Ojibway Parkway.

NB E.C. Row Expy. north of ON KH 3.

A guide marker on WB Dougall Ave.

Some info from History of Ontario's Kings Highways-Hwy 18

8 October 2009