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Day THREE...
Tuesday, August 6th, 2002

From Bedford, IN we took a short trip over to the Brown County State Park, admission $5.00. Through out this park there are many views of the rolling hillsides of Southern Indiana. Deep within the park, there are several lakes. Great on a day with a cool breeze.

Proof that the hills are rolling.

Looking east across one of the lakes on a cool August morn'.
After the brief journey through the Brown County we headed north into Bloomington and stopped at the Oliver Winery north of town. Here wine was sampled and bought, along with the goodness of milk chocolate and peanut butter (Resees...in case you couldn't figure that out). Next onto Indianapolis, via IN St Rt 37.

The water fountain/monument. It has water and it fountains.

The Indiana Capital.
We ventured into Emmis's headquarters to see if they could give up a bumper sticker or two...they had none...or so they said...

Thier name over the main entrance.

The corporate headquarters to Emmis.
After being asked kindly to leave the premises. We decided to peer through the windows at the studios of the Emmis-Indy. Here is what we saw.

The air studio of WIBC-AM.

The logo to WIBC-AM.
Now as the hour of the day was wearing on we headed to the northeast side of the Indy Metro Area for Clear Channel-Indianapolis. This is located on Fall Creek Road. Which Fall Creek Road you ask...that a good question. To get to CCU-Indy from downtown just take Fall Creek to Fall Creek and turn left and head to Fall Creek and turn right and quickly turn left onto Fall Creek and go straight till you see Fall Creek and its the fourth driveway on the right after you cross Fall Creek.

Once there we waited and waited cause no one had time to show some friendliness. After finding some weird promotions person, we were shown around the place. It had been added onto several times cause the hallway kept getting narrow and narrow as we proceed through them.

This is CCU-Indy.

This is the home to...
WFBQ-FM 94.7 "Q95"
WZRX-FM "X103"
WNDE-AM "Sports Radio 1260

The logos of the stations at CCU-Indy.

A look at one of the towers for the stations at CCU-Indy.

After here is was time to head on home. We jumped on I-465 around to I-74 and headed back toward Illinois. There was a brief stop in Crawfordville, IN for dinner and then on back.

The Illinois Welcome sign.

The Illinois State Line marker.
Once past Champaign, we headed north along IL St Rt 47 and made it to Dwight. Here a pit-stop was needed. So the Dwight McDonald's was visited. Then a brief tour of Central Grundy County was in order. That was followed by the conclusion of the trip...

Be looking for the next of many trips...were to?...How many mile?...How many state?...only time will tell...

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