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Day FIVE...
WThursday, August 4th, 2005

Now it was time to head home. So we left Metro-Memphis on U.S. 51 and headed north. This lead us through Western Tennessee. Again no attractions to stop and see.

Now to Kentucky!!...State #6!...

At Kentucky we to the Julian M. Carroll Purchase Parkway north. This lead use to the Kentucky Lake area. About this time it was breakfast time.

The choice for a great breakfast.
From Benton, KY it was off to Paducah. Paducah has the Ohio River crossing we need to head home. At Paducah we came across the the Museum of the American Quilter's Society. This had many types and designs of quilts. One dating back to 1820.

The quilt museum.

Back to State #1!!

Once in Illinois it was time to stop back through Metropolis, IL. This strange town looked the same with a minor tune-up.

The run down radio station of Metropolis is still there.

The Superman statue is still there.

Big John changed clothes and put on some lipstick...

From Metropolis it was west on I-24 to I-57 and back home.

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