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Day ONE...
Friday, May 25th, 2012

Friday morning in Southwestern Illinois started with breakfast in Belleville at Eckerts Farm. This plate was nothing short of everything on a breakfast menu in one plate toped with sausage gravy. To say the least eating three-fourths of the plate lead to one and a half days of not haveing to eat. It was just that filling. Good thing walking was planned to start the day off before the journey north.

Back to State #2...Missouri!!

The stop on todays agenda is the Anheuser-Busch Brewer for a tour of this iconic landmark.

The guest center at AB.

A Bud Light display in the guest center.

A Budweiser display in the guest center.

An old delivery truck.

A display of AB products around the world.

A look at some ads during prohibition.

More prohibition ads.

Some old Busch Beer items.

An old delivery wagon.

A look at the room that stores the horse bridels.

A sign in the aging cellar.

Some of the beechwood. The tour guide reminded me of Chandler Bing...

A display on the brewing process. See Chandler Bing...

A looking in the mash process.

The brew house.

The inside of the brew house.

The Bevo Building where packing happens.

A look at the bottle process.

Now it was time to head home...

Back to State #1...Illinois!

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