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Day TWO...
Thursday, July 24th, 2014

With the rising of the sun was the rising of us. Before we head north from St. Louis it was off to Forrest Park to the Missouri Hisotry Museaum.

Back to State #2...Missouri!

The Missouri History Museaum was rich with Missouri history...shocking...! In the side walk outside there was a giant map of the Louisiana Purchase, with points on it that were signifigant of the journey.

The big map.

One of the main exhibits was on the 1904 Worlds Fair that took place in St. Louis.

This is a buggy for the Worlds Fair.

This is some badges from the fair.
An exhibit for the year of 2014 is celebrating the 250th birthday of the City of St. Louis. The museaum has set of the 50 peopple, 50 moments, 50 images, 50 places, and 50 objects from the 250 years of the City of St. Louis.

The entrance to the exhibit.

The start to the 50 people.

Looking along the 50 people exhibit.

The sign for the 50 moments.

One of the sections of the 50 moments.

The sign for the 50 images.

The sign for the 50 places.

Chalk drawings of places around St. Louis that made the city.

The sign for the 50 objects.

A stove made in the St. Louis area.

Another part of the museam was the early years of St. Louis and another section for the modern years of St. Louis.

Mc Donnell Douglas helped make some great moments in the United States History, as well as build the modern St. Louis. They have been one of the largest employers in the region, even now under the Boeing name.

Now was time to start making our way north.

Back to State #1...Illinois!!

Before leaving the St. Louis area we headed along the Mississippi River to the point where the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers join. This to is the point where Lewis & Clark set out to explore the new part of the United States, the Louisiana Purchase. The first stopping point was the Lewis & Clark State Park, south of Hartford, Illinois.

The is very near the point where the great voyage was started.
Next was the Lewis & Clark Confluence Tower. This is a obsevation tower with three levels. It is operated by the City of Hartford.

The tower.

A wide angle view of the two rivers coming together.

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