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Day ONE...
Saturday, October 25th, 2014

What started as a quiet Saturday with no plans and a weather report to be one of the last nice days before winter weather sets into the North-Central portions of the United States we took off for the day. The plans became, see the waters of Lake Michigan the changing colors of the trees.

Now to State #2...Indiana!!

Once to the Indiana East-West Toll Road we stopped for breakfast. What better place to stop that one that would give Super Star points and Frosted Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits.

A sign for the travel plaza.

Back on the road we head north along the southern part of the lake toward Michigan. This trip was about enjoying the time not getting anywhere. In doing this we headed past Chesterton and the Indiana Dunes. These site let us see the local flavor of the area.

Chop Suey of Michigan City, IN.

Not to State #3...Michigan!!

Once into the state of Pure Michigan, it was time to find the lake. The First stop was at New Buffalo. Here we explored the sand dunes and the beach.

Looking west from the dunes.

Looking west from the dunes.
After the stop at New Buffalo, we moved more up through Benton Harbor, and then the Red Arrow Highway. the Red Arrow Highway gave awesome views of the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. At South Haven, we went down to the beach and lighthouse.

Looking north along the shore from the South Haven pier.

After South Haven we headed back south as it was already mid-day. Heading back along U.S. 31 there was the thought of chocolate. So it is time to find a South Bend Chocolate Company location.

Back to State #2...Indiana!!

Once in Indiana we kept the meandering around to enjoy the day. In doing so it took us to a rail watching spot in Elkhart, Indiana. Across from the New Your Central Museum we fond old signals on the current Norfolk Southern rails.

Looking east along the Norfolk Southern tracks from the Elkhart station.

As the sun sunk more in the west we headed back home. Along the way dinner was along the Indiana East-West Toll Road.

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