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Day TWO...
Sunday, October 19, 2008

So it was a sunny morning in Grand Rapids...breakfast was from the lovely Quality Inn in town. We were about to head out, but thought what would a trip to Grand Rapids be with out a stop at the Gerald Ford Museam!

Looking north at the Ford Museaum.
After Grand Rapids, we went south. Nothing to see. Even fewer thins to see, than the coast.

More fall colors in Allegan.
So on the road trips there is usually, comic book people, big crosses, and billboards. We found a cross in Allegan.

Crosses out of Allegan.

So we went into Kalamazoo trying to find more interesting things to and with that...we had...not luck...Kalamazoo is a big town, but has litte to do to be entertained.

I wonder how acurate the orders are at this resturant.

This looks like a lame and happening spot in Kalamazoo.

So nothing to see or do in Kalamazoo...fun name...lame town...we headed south. This lead us into Three Rivers and another Goodwill! There was a bunch of old family scrapbooks, and photos. Plus, a Mr. Peanut Peanut Butter Maker!!!

The Goodwill of Three Rivers.

State #2...Indiana!!

Once in Indiana we joined the Indiana East-West Toll Road and headed back toward Illinois. At South Bend we drover through town. In South Bend, we got to see a group of South Bend Police following a ambulance.

A SBPD car blocking the corner.

Now we go back to the toll road and head home.

Back to State #1...Illinois!!!...

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