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Day ONE...
Saturday, March 14, 2009

This day of adventure started out very very early. The destination for the trip, South Bend, Indiana, the only piece of life in North-Central Indiana. Why? work of course. Transports good from one store to another. The time...long, long before the sun comes up. Where do we start Bourbonnais-Bradley, Illinois.

The time shortly before we left.

Our trip set us out east along back road of Kankakee County to Momence, and then to the Indiana State Line, via Illinois 114. This took us to Indiana 10, U.S. 35, U.S. 30, and U.S. 31. Once in South Bend we so what sounded to be a interesting red light place. We were wrong...

Honkers...stupid geese...thought it was a competing resturant to Hooters...

We did find in South Bend one of the best things to ever come from the south...a Chick-fil-A!

The Chic-fil-A...mighty fine chicken!

So now trip one to South Bend was done, and early in the day. This gave time to take in the sights of North Central Indiana. There was not much to see...seriously...not alot. Plymouth had a Wal*Mart, Knox had a motel, and North Judson had a Burger King, and a big ice cream cone. We saw vast open fields and again more and more of nothing!!!.

A horrid painted car on U.S. 31 south of South Bend.

A big pencil near Lakeville.
Outside Plymouth we did find an interesting attraction...and a quality place to eat along U.S. 30.


It just screams good food...if only there was something other than this sign there...

The ice cream cone in North Judson.

To get the mail lift the horses tail and reach in it's rear. IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!!!

As we went through San Pierre there was an old hospital in new mint condtion. It deserved the a stop for a picture on the way back. Through internet research it was a hospital then a nursing home in it's later life.

The former hospital in San Pierre.

Once back to Bourbonnais it was time for another load and back to South Bend and then home. The day ended at 11 p.m.

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