Anchor Bank

Headquarted: Madison, Wisconsin
Chartered: 1919 as Anchor Savings, Building & Loan Association
Past Names: Anchor Savings, Building & Loan Association, Anchor Savings & Loan Association
Merged With: Janesville Sanvings & Loan, First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Walworth County, Columbus Federal Savings & Loan, Richland Federal Savings & Loan, Virquoa Federal Savings & Loan, American Equity Bank F.S.B., Fox Cities Bank, S&C Bank

A sign for the Anchor Bank branch in New Glarus, WI. (April, 2007)

A Anchor Bank in Brookfield, WI. (July, 2015)

A Anchor Bank in Monona, WI. (July, 2015)

A Anchor Bank in Madison, WI. (July, 2015)