Washington Mutual Bank

Headquarted: Seattle, Washington
Chartered: 1889, as Washington National Building & Loan
Past Names: Washington National Building & Loan, Washington Savings & Loan, Washington Mutual Savings & Loan, Continental Mutual Savings, National Australia Bank, Great Western Bank, Enterprise Bank, Western Bank, Industrail Bank, American Savings Bank, Utah Federal Savings Bank, Olymus Bank, Summit Savings Bank, Far West Federal Savings Bank, Pacific First Bank, Pioneer Savings Bank, Great Northwest Bank, Sound Savings & Loan Association, CrossLand Savings, Vancouver Federal Savings Bank, Frontier Federal Savings, Old Stone Bank of Washington
Failed on: September, 2008
Acquired by: Chase
Website: http://www.chase.com

A sign for the WaMu branch in Lyons, IL. (January, 2009)

A sign for the WaMu branch in South Holland, IL. (January, 2009)