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Roy Rogers

A sign for a Roy Rogers/Sabarro/Starbucks near Clifton Springs, NY. (August, 2012)

A sign for a Roy Rogers/Sunoco near Ridgefield, NJ. (August, 2012)

A Roy Rdogers in Hagerstown, MD. (August, 2012)

A Sunoco/Starbuck's/Roy Rodgers/Auntie Anne's/A Plus/Hersey's at the Cumberland Valley Travel Plaza on the EB Pennsylvania Turnpike near Plainfield, PA. (July, 2019)

A Sunoco/Roy Rodgers/Cinnabon/Nathan's/Starbuck's on the SB New Jersey Turnpike near Cherry Hill, NJ. (July, 2019)

A Sunoco/Starbuck's/Roy Rodgers at the Peter Camiel Service Plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, near Elverson, PA. (July, 2019)

A Sunoco/A-Plus/Roy Rodgers/Starbucks/Famiglia/Auntie Annes at the North Somerset Service plaza on the WB Pennsylvania Turnpike, near Somerset, PA. (July, 2019)