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A sign for a Roy Rogers/Sabarro/Starbucks near Clifton Springs, NY. (August, 2012)

A Sbarro, along I-94/Tri-State Tollway, at Lake Forest, IL. (July, 2015/September, 2018)

A sign for the Hinsdale Oasis on the SB Tri-State Tollway in Hinsdale, IL. (March, 2016)

A Sbarro along the EB Ohio Turnpike, near West Unity, OH. (May, 2016)

A sign for the Sbarro inside the Lincoln Oasis on the NB Tri-State Tollway in South Holland, IL. (April, 2017)

A Sbarro along NB I-294/Tri-State Tollway in Hinsdale, IL. (September, 2018)

A Sbarro along NB I-294/Tri-State Tollway in Schiller Park, IL. (September, 2018)

A Burger King/Sabaro/Auntie Anne's/Starbuck's/Cinnabon/Einstein Bagel's Jean's along the EB Ohio Turnpike near Clyde, OH. (July, 2019)

A Sunoco/Starbucks/A Plus/Steak 'n Shake/Auntie Annes's/Sbarro at the South Midway Travel Plaza on the EB Pennsylvania Turnpike near Bedford, PA. (July, 2019)

A Starbucks/Burger King/Auntie Anne's/Sunoco at the Joyce Kilmer Service Area on the New Jersey Turnpike, near East Brunswick, NJ. (July, 2019)

A Sunoco/A-Plus/Starbucks/Auntie Annes/Burger King in Rolling Prairie, IN. This is the EB plaza on the Indiana E-W Toll Road. (August, 2019/January, 2021/January, 2021/January, 2021)

The Wilbur Shaw Service Plaza on the WB Indiana E-W Toll Road near Rolling Prairie, IN. (January, 2021)

A sign for the De Kalb Oasis on the WB Reagan Tollway in De Kalb, IL. (September, 2021)