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Travel America

A highway sign on EB I-94 at Chesterton, IN. (November, 2018)

A highway sign on NB I-55/U.S. 51; WB I-74 at Bloomington, IL. (December, 2020)

A Travel America/Conoco sign on I-35 near Denton, TX. (September, 2004)

A Travel America sign in Bloomington, IL. (October, 2004)

A sign for the Travel America/BP/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/Quaker Steak & Lube in Gary, IN. (November, 2004/March, 2020/May, 2020/May, 2020)

The Travel America/BP/Subway/Popeye's/Goasis in Lake Station, IN. (November, 2004/November, 2004/September, 2016/August, 2020/August, 2020/August, 2020)

A sign for the Travel America/BP/Burger King/Taco Bell/Popeye's in Sawyer, MI. (August, 2007/May, 2016/May, 2016)

A Travel America in Morris, IL. (November, 2007/November, 2007/August, 2009/August, 2009/February, 2019/February, 2019)

A BP/Travel America in Troy, IL. (June, 2010/October, 2012/September, 2017)

A Travel America in Oak Grove, MO. (June, 2010)

A sign for the TA/Subway in Concordia, MO. (March, 2011)

A Travel America/Popeye's in Mt. Vernon, IL. (September, 2011)

A Travel America/Taco Bell in Effingham, IL. (September, 2011)

A DQ/Orange Julius/Wendy's/Travel America/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut sign at Walcott, IA. (March, 2012/September, 2019)

A Travel America sign in Pembroke, NY. (August, 2012)

A Mobil/Wendy's/TA in Janesville, WI. (December, 2013)

A BP/TA in Roselawn, IN. (December, 2015)

A Travel America/Popeye's in Whitestown, IN. (November, 2016)

A TA/Taco Bell in Walton, KY. (October, 2017)

A Shell/Popeye's/TA/Minit Mart in Pioneer, TN. (October, 2017)

A TA/Burger King/Minit Mart/BP in Eaton, OH. (October, 2017)

A TA/BP/Popeye's/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell in Porter, IN. (July, 2018)

A TA/Shell/Subway in Porter, IN. (July, 2018)

A TA/Popeye's/BP in De Forest, WI. (September, 2018/September, 2018)

A Shell/Travel America in Greencastle, PA. (July, 2019)

A Travel America/Goasis/Marathon/Popeye's/Subway in Florence, KY. (July, 2019)

A TA/BP in Battle Creek, MI. (August, 2019)