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Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy

The Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy railroad started as the Aurora Branch Railroad in 1848 by the Illinois General Assembley. It first ran from Batavia to Aurora, then east to Chicago, via the Galena & Chicago Union. By 1862 the Aurora Branch had it's own line into Downtown Chicago. Leading up to 1868 the name was changed to the Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy, and two bridges were completed over the Mississippi River. One was at Burlington, IA and the other at Quincy, IL. In 1872 it absorbed the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad. This gave connection from Chicago, IL to Lincoln, NE. On March 2, 1970 it merged with the Great Northern Railroad, Northern Pacific Railway, and the Spokane, Portland, & Seattle to form the Burlington Northern.

Various pictures of the Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy
Caboose Engine Passenger Car