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Chicago Transit Authority 'L'

The 'L' is the mass transit train in Chicago. It is operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). The oldest section dates back to 1892. 'L' is a shorted name for "elevated". Most of the rail runs elevated above the city streets, but there are sections that run in subways and in the medians of the expressways. There are eight (8) different lines that make up the 'L'. The Red line runs from 95th Street to Howard. The southern end runs in the middle of the Dan Ryan Expressway. The Blue Line runs from O'Hare International Airport, to loop, then out to Forest Park. The section from O'Hare to the Loop is in the Kennedy Expressway. While in the Loop it is in the subway, and from the Loop to Forest Park it is in the middle of the Eishenhower Expressway. The Brown Line, a.k.a Ravenswood, the Loop to Kimball Avenure in Albany Park. The Orange Line goes from Midway Airport to the Loop. From Cicero to the Loop, the Pink Line runs. The purple line runs from Howard north to Wilmet. The yellow line, or Skokie Swift, goes from Howard Street to Dempster Street in Skokie. It is the only line that does not provide direct or connecting service to the loop.

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