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Illinois & Midland

The Illinois & Midland Railroad dates back to 1888 when it started as the Pawnee Railroad, when villagers wanted to connect to the Illinois Central railroad, near Springfield. Later it was connected to the Wabash Railroad, at Taylorville. In 1905, the Chicago Edison Company purchased the railroad to get coal from Central Illinois to Chicago. The founder of Chicago Edison and the Illinois Midland Coal Company developed coal fields in Central Illinois, thus changeing the name to Chicago & Illinois Midland Railway. When the clean air act of the 1960's was passed, many Central Illinois Coal Mines closed. Commonwealth Edison placed the railroad for sale of $1.00. There were no buyers. Commonwealth Edison started to place power plants along the tracks and hauled coal into Central Illinois, insead of out. In 1987, the railroad was sold to a group of investors. The name was changed to Illinois & Midland Railroad in 1996.

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