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Carlyle, IL 62231

Post Office Location: 1080 Fairfax; Carlyle, IL
Year Post Office built:
Town(s) Served: Carlyle
Acceptable City Names: Carlyle, Shattuc
Not Acceptable City Names: Boulder, Ferrin, Posey, Royal Lake, Shatuc
Sectional Service Facility: St. Louis (Southeast)
County(ies): Bond, Clinton

Info on Carlyle:

The City of Carlyle is the county seat of Clinton County. This is home to aprox. 3,046 residents (2000 census). Carlyle was founded in 1818. It was up to become the second state capital, but lost by one vote to Vandalia. Carlyle Lake is the largest man made lake in the State of Illionois. Crossing the Kaskaskia River, at Carlyle, is the General Dean Suspension Bridge. It is the only one of it's kind crossing the Kaskaskia River.

Looking at the Carlyle Post Office. (October, 2009)