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Waltonville, IL 62894

Post Office Location: 504 East Main Street; Waltonville, IL
Year Post Office built:
Town(s) Served: Waltonville
Acceptable City Names: Waltonville
Not Acceptable City Names:
Sectional Service Facility: Centralia
County(ies): Jefferson

Info on Waltonville:

The Village of Waltonville is located along Illinois 148, BNSF Railway, and the Union Pacific Railroad. This area was first settled in the northeast of the current town. It was originally called Mill Creek. The first post office was called "Knob Creek" and opened in 1860. Another town of Williamsburg was plotted north of the current Waltonville. It was given a post office of Laur Post Office. When a rail line from Mt. Vernon to Chester opened a depot was placed at the site of the current Waltonville. The town started to settle and grow around 1893.

Looking at the Waltonville Post Office. (September, 2011)