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Logansport, IN 46947

Post Office Location: 406 9th Street; Logansport, IN
Year Post Office built:
Town(s) Served: Logansport
Acceptable City Names: Logansport
Not Acceptable City Names:
Sectional Service Facility: Kokomo
County(ies): Carroll, Cass

Info on Logansport:

The City of Loganport is the county seat of Cass County. It is located near the center of the county. This is home to 18,369 residents (2010 census). This has long been a center in the State of Indiana with travel. It has been served by water, road, and rail transport. Logansport is home to one of the nations few operating Dentzel Carousels.

Looking at the old Logansport Post Office. (June, 2017)

Looking at the Logansport Post Office. (June, 2017)