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Chillicothe, MO 646401

Post Office Location: 401 South Washington Street; Chillicothe, MO
Year Post Office built:
Town(s) Served: Chillicothe
Acceptable City Names: Avalon, Chillicothe
Not Acceptable City Names:
Sectional Service Facility: Chillicothe
County(ies): Daviess, Livingston, Sullivan

Info on Chillicothe:

The City of Chillicothe is the county seat for Livingston County. It was incorporated as a city in 1855. The Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad came to town in 1859. In 1886 the Chicago, Miwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad came through. Chillicothe is known as the first place in the world that "slided bread" was sold.

Looking at the Chillicothe Post Office. (March, 2011)