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Frequency: 96.7
Name: 96.7 I-ROCK
Format: Rock
Legal Name: WIHN-FM
Market: Bloomington, Illinois
Owner: Connoisseur Media

The building for AAA Entertainment in Normal, IL. This housed WIHN-FM/WRPW-FM/WDQZ-FM/WYST-FM prior to January, 2007.

The sign for AAA Entertainment-Normal.

A billboard in Downtown Bloomington on BUSN U.S. Rt. 51. (March, 2006)

The sign out front of the Telecourier Building. (January, 2007)

The Telecourier Building in Bloomington, IL. This is home to WBBE-FM and WVMG-FM. WIHN-FM moved to the Telecourier Building in January, 2007. (January, 2006)

The air-studio for WIHN-FM. (Janury, 2007)