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Frequency: 93.9
Name: The Lite
Format: Soft AC
Legal Name: WLIT-FM
Market: Chicago, Illinois
Owner: Clear Channel Worldwide

WLIT-FM was consolidated with the other Clear Channel Radio Stations in Chicago in December, 2002.

The elevator lobby of the 11th floor in the Smurfit-Stone Container Building.

WLIT-FM was housed in suite 1135 for several decades. Including back in the Viacom days...

The air-studio.

The news room.

The middle studio at 1135. This board is currently at WCPZ-FM; Sandusky, Ohio. Pictures are avalible on their page on this site.

The main production studio at 1135.

The main air studio in August, 2001. This is prior to the use of NexGEN Digital Audio. Lite used the four CD players for music and sweepers. Plus, the three cart decks for spots.

The side part of the main air studio in August, 2001. The remotes for the transmitter site were later replace with a Burk unit.