radio > Stations that start with a "W" > WPIA-FM 98.5; Eureka, Illinois


Frequency: 98.5
Name: KISS-FM 98.5
Format: CHR
Legal Name: WPIA-FM
Market: Peoria, Illinois
Owner: Independance Media


The Radio-Plex Building in Downtown Peoria. This was the home of WGLO-FM; WVEL-AM/FM; WPIA-FM; WIXO-FM; WFYR-FM when the photo was taken. (February, 2006)

The tower for WPIA-FM north of Eureka.

The home of Independance Media-Peoria, studios for WHPI-FM; WPIA-FM; WWCT-FM; WZPN-FM. (May, 2010)