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Interstate 630

Interstate 630 is a short east-west expressway in Little Rock. This connects the Central-West End to Downtown. I-630 is aprox. 8 miles long. The east end merges in to EB and WB Interstate 30. While on the west end, it ends at Shackleford Road.

While in Arkansas, I-630 is not multi-plexed.

In Arkansas, Interstate 630 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 430, at Little Rock.

Overhead signs on SB I-430.
Interstate 30, at Little Rock.

Overhead sign on EB I-630.

Another set of BGS on EB I-630.

EB I-630 near I-30.

EB I-630 at I-30.

Info on the parent route to I-630.

HAZMAT sign on SB I-430.

EB I-630 near War Park.

EB I-630 at Ray Winder Field.

EB I-630 near University of Arkansas.

EB I-630 near Woodrow Street.

EB I-630 near the Arkansas State Capital.

EB I-630 near Mac Arthur Park.

27 February 2011