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U.S. Federal Route 6
Tolland County

U.S. Federal Route 6 runs east-west across Tolland County. It runs in the West-Central and Southeastern portions of the county.

U.S. Rt. 6 passes through the following towns in Tolland County.




U.S. Rt. 6 is multi-plexed in Tolland County.
U.S. Rt. 44, near Bolton.

U.S. Rt. 6 intersects the following highways in Tolland County.
Connecticut State Route 66, at Columbia.

Connecticut State Route 87, at Andover.

Connecticut State Route 316, at Andover.
U.S. Rt. 44, at Bolton.

Interstate 384, at Bolton.

Connecticut State Route 85, at Bolton.

WB U.S. Rt. 6 west of CT St Rt 32.

WB U.S. Rt. 6 near the west end of the Willimantic expressway.

WB U.S. Rt. 6 at the west end of the Willimantic expressway.

WB U.S. Rt. 6 near Columbia.

WB U.S. Rt. 6 near CT St Rt 87.

A BGS on WB U.S. Rt. 6.

A junction marker on WB U.S. Rt. 44.

WB U.S. Rt. 6/44 near I-384.

EB U.S. Rt. 6/44 in Bolton.

EB U.S. Rt. 6/44 at EB U.S. Rt. 6 in Bolton.

A BGS on EB U.S. Rt. 6/44.

13 November 2012