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Interstate 24

Interstate 24 is one of, if not, the shortest interstate highways in the State of Georigia. It dips into the state from Tennessee for about five miles. While in Georgia, I-24 has two exits. Being it is in the state for a short while, it keeps the Tennessee exit number.

While in Georgia, I-24 is not multi-plexed.

In Georgia, I-24 crosses the following interstate.

Interstate 59, near Wildwood.

EB I-24 at one of the first overheads for the interchange.

A close up of the BGS's on the overhead.

EB I-24 near another overhead.

EB I-24 near the interchange with I-59.

EB I-24 at the gore point. EB I-24 goes to the left, SB I-59 goes to the right.

There are no branches of I-24 in Georgia.

Junction sign on NB I-59.

EB I-24 near M.P. 169.

23 June 2019