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U.S. Federal Route 11
Dade County

U.S. Federal Route 11 runs north-south briefly in Northwestern Georgia. This runs along Interstate 24 and Interstate 59. This is the only county that U.S. Rt. 11 passes through in the State of Georgia.

U.S. Rt. 11 passes thorugh the following tonws in Dade County.
New England
Riasing Fawn

U.S. Rt. 11 is multi-plexed in Dade County.
Georgia State Route 58, throughout Dade County.

U.S. Rt. 11 intersects the following highways in Dade County.
Georgia State Route 299, near Wildwood.
Georgia State Route 136, at Trenton

A BGS on WB I-24.

23 June 2019