Interstate 172, Illinois
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Interstate 172

Interstate 172 is a north-south highway in Western Illinois. This is known as the Quincy By-Pass of officially as the "Frank Strieby Expressway". It runs from the Central Illinois Expressway (Interstate 72/U.S. Rt. 36) to U.S. Rt. 24/Illinois State Route 336, northeast of Quincy.

The Illinois Department of Transportion has I-172 at a length of 18.89 miles. Future reaches of this highway may one day finish the Quincy-Macomb-Peoria Freeway. Plus, the Chicago-Kansas City highway.

From U.S. Rt. 24, north, the highway continues as Illinois State Route 336, into Hancock County. It is a four-lane highway with at-grade intersection. The speed limit is 65 M.P.H.

In Illinois, I-172 is multi-plexed.

I-172 is multi-plexed with...

...Illinois State Route 110, from near East Hannibal to near Fowler.

Interstate 172 intersects the following interstate in Illinois.

Interstate 72, near Seehorn.

Info on the parent highway of I-172.

The southern end marker.

A BGS on EB IL St Rt 106.

NB I-172 north of the interchange with I-72.

The first NB guide marker.

A NB guide marker.

NB I-172/IL St Rt 110 near the Adams/Pike County Line.

NB I-172/IL St Rt 110 north of IL St Rt 57.

NB I-172/IL St Rt 110 near Marblehead.

NB I-172/IL St Rt 110 south of IL St Rt 104.

A junction maker on WB IL St Rt 104.

A BGS on EB IL St Rt 104.

NB I-172/IL St Rt 110 north of IL St Rt 104.

NB I-172/IL St Rt 110 northeast of Quincy.

A BGS on EB U.S. Rt. 24.

The northern end of I-172.

The northern end marker.

A close-up of the northern end marker.

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