Interstate 57, Illinois
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Interstate 57

Interstate 57 is the longest interstate in Illinois, at 358 miles. I-57 runs north-south interstate through Illinois. The highway starts in Chicago at Interstate 94, and ends in far-southern Illinois at the Missouri State Line.

While in Illinois, I-57 is Multi-plexed several times.

I-57 is multi-plexed with...
...Interstate 70, around Effingham, IL

...Interstate 64, around Mt. Vernon, IL

...U.S. Rt. 51, from near Dongola, IL to near Future City, IL.

Along I-294, on the southside of the Chicago Metro area it crossed I-57. There is not interchange at this crossing. Making it one of the few places in the United States that two interstate highways cross, but do not have direct connection. The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority has approved a $1.8 billion dollar package which includes money to pay for an interchange to be built at this crossing. As of now traffic has to use I-80 or local roads, U.S. Rt. 6, at their connection between the two interstates. The interchange is due to be open by 2013.*

On June 7, 2008, a severe strom moved across Northeastern Illinois. It produced tornado, starting near Dwight, IL and moving northeast to Gary, IN, via Wilmington, Wilton Center, Monee, Richton Park. Near Monee, and Richton Park the storm cause alot of damage. When the tornado crossed Interstate 57, near Monee, it took down some high voltage power lines. This caused the highway to be closed from Illinois State Route 17, at Kankakee, to Sauk Trail.

The first road closed sign on NB I-57. (June 9, 2008)

Another road closed sign on NB I-57. (June 9, 2008)

NB I-57 at IL St Rt 17 where NB traffic is being forced off. At the time of the photo Illinois State Police were lining up traffic to re-open NB I-57. (June 9, 2008)

A detour sign on the ramp from NB I-57 to IL St Rt 17. (June 9, 2008)

The ramp to NB I-57 from NB IL St Rt 50 in Bradley. (June 9, 2008)

Interstates that I-57 crosses while in Illinois.

Interstate 94, (Dan Ryan Expressway/Bishop Ford Freeway)at Chicago

Overhead sign on NB I-57.

Overhead marker on NB I-57. This replaced the one below.

Signage for I-94 on NB I-57 at Halsted Street (IL St Rt 1) in Chicago. (2002)

Overhead sign on NB I-57 at I-94. (2002)

NB I-57 at I-94.

Interstate 294, (Tri-State Tollway) at Harvey (NO INTERCHANGE)

Sign on NB I-57 near I-80 informing motorist how to get to I-294.

Interstate 80, at Tinley Park.

EB I-80 at I-57

BGS for I-80 on NB I-57. (2002)

Another BGS on NB I-57. (2002)

NB I-57 at EB I-80. (2002)

NB I-57 at WB I-80.(2002)

NB I-57 over 2 miles from I-80. (June, 2009)

A BGS for I-80 on NB I-57. (June, 2009)

NB I-57 near I-80. (June, 2009)

NB I-57 near EB I-80. (June, 2009)

NB I-57 at EB I-80. (June, 2009)

Interstate 74, at Urbana

BGS on SB I-57.

SB I-57 near I-74.

SB I-57 near I-74. (April, 2010)

A BGS for WB I-74. (April, 2010)

SB I-57 at I-74.

SB I-57 at WB I-74. (April, 2010)

SB I-57 at EB I-74. (April, 2010)
Interstate 72, (Central Illinois Expressway) at Champaign

Second BGS on SB I-57.

SB I-57 at the second BGS for I-72. (April, 2010)

BGS at the 1/2 mile mark on SB I-57.

SB I-57 at I-72.

SB I-57 at I-72. (April, 2010)

Interstate 70, at Effingham

First BGS on SB I-57. (June 2003)

Second BGS on SB I-57.(June 2003)

SB I-57 near the interchange on the northside of Effingham.(June 2003)

SB I-57 at the gore point.(June 2003)

SB I-57 at I-70 on the northside Effingham. (Aug. 2002)
Interstate 70, at Effingham.

A overhead BGS on SB I-57/WB I-70.

I-57/I-70 signage on the southside of Effingham, IL (Aug. 2002)

NB I-57 two miles from I-70.

NB I-57 one mile from I-70.

NB I-57 near I-70.

NB I-57 at I-70.
Interstate 64, at Mt. Vernon

I-57 southbound near I-64 on the northside of Mt. Vernon.

The first BGS on NB I-57/WB I-64.

A graphical BGS on NB I-57/WB I-64.

NB I-57/WB I-64 at thier split on the northside of Mt. Vernon.

Interstate 64, at Mt. Vernon.

The two mile BGS on NB I-57.

The one mile BGS on NB I-57.

Overhead BGS'S on NB I-57.

NB I-57 at east I-64.

A BGS one mile from the split of SB I-57/EB I-64.

Another graphical BGS on SB I-57/I-64.

SB I-57/EB I-64 at their split on the southside of Mt. Vernon.

Interstate 24, near Pulleys Mill

The first BGS on SB I-57.

The second BGS on SB I-57.

SB I-57 one mile from I-24.

SB I-57 at I-24.

A BGS on NB I-57.

The one mile BGS on NB I-57.

Another BGS on NB I-57.

NB I-57 at I-24.

There are no branches of I-57 in Illinois.

Photos of I-57 in Illinois.
Illinois/Missouri State Line to Jefferson/Marion County Line
Jefferson/Marion County Line to Coles/Douglas Country Line
Coles/Douglas County Line to Kankakee/Will County Line
Kankakee/Will County Line to 95th Street (Chicago)

* "Interchange coming in 2013; Joliet Herald News 23 November 2008

13 May 2010