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At Chester, Illinois, Illinois State Route 3 passes through the downtown area. In Downtown Chester, there are several tight turns at intersections. Most semi tractor-trailers can not make these turns, thus the by-pass was set-up.

Junction marker on SB IL St Rt 3.

An intersection sign on SB IL St Rt 3.

A guide marker on SB IL St Rt 3.

A guide marker on SB IL St Rt 3.

SB Truck By-Pass south of IL St Rt 3.

A portion of the Truck By-Pass runs with the Great River Road.

SB Truck By-Pass near Valley Street.

Guide markers on IL St Rt 150.

A shield used to mark the path of the truck by-pass.

SB Truck By-Pass/IL St Rt 150 at Randolph Street.

Looking south down the hill at the intersection of the Truck By-Pass and IL St Rt 150.

20 December 2016