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Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge

The Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge is the only toll highway in Illinois that is not operated by the Illinois Toll Highway Athority. The skyway is a seven (7) mile, elevated, divided highway connecting the Dan Ryan Expressway to the Indiana East-West Toll Road. A interesting item about the skyway is that the miles are labeled opposite of interstate standards.

The City of Chicago has reached a 1.8 Billion Dollar deal to lease the skyway to Cintra-Macquarie. The deal is for the next 99-years. Cintra-Marquarie was one of four bidders. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley expects the money from the lease will be used to pay off current skyway debt and other city debt.*

In June, 2005 the Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge started to take I-PASS as a form of payment. I-PASS is the electronic toll collection device that is used on the four Illinois tollways. On the skyway, I-PASS useres will not get the 50% discount on tolls that they get on the four Illinois tollways. The toll for the skyways will be $2.50 cash or I-PASS for passenger cars.**

The Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge may be getting a new name. This would put the potential suitors name in from of about 17 million users each year.***
The Chicago Skyway passes through the following city.


The Chicago Skyway does not carry any highway designation. Originally, it was signed as a portion of Interstate 90. Recently, the City of Chicago discovered the Chicago Skyway never received interstate designation. Thus, all the I-90 signs along the skyway had a "TO" sign placed over them.

Notice the "TO" banner over the I-90/94 sheilds.

The Chicago Skyway crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 94, (Dan Ryan Expressway) in Chicago, IL.
Interstate 90 (Dan Ryan Expressway) in Chicago, IL.

Interstate 90 (Indiana East-West Toll Road) in Hammond, IN.

Toll Plazas on the Chicago Skyway

Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge Chicago, IL Toll=$2.50

WB Skyway at the first warning sign.

The stop ahead sign on WB Skyway.

WB Skyway at the toll plaza on the Chicago Skyway.

The first toll warning sign on the EB Skyway.

The stop ahead on the EB Skyway.

A price chart near the toll plaza on the EB Skyway.

EB Skyway at the toll plaza.

The first toll warning sign on the EB Skyway. (November, 2007)

The stop ahead sign on EB Skyway. (November, 2007)

Lane markers on EB Skyway. (November, 2007)

The first sign one mile from the plaza on EB Skyway. (Spetember, 2010)

A toll ahead sign on EB Skyway. (September, 2010)

Lane makrers on EB Skyway. (September, 2010)

A price chart on EB Skyway. (September, 2010)

EB Skyway at the plaza.

WB Skyway

WB at the start of the Chicago Skyway.

The high bridge over the Calumet River. This bridge can be seen for miles around.

WB Skyway at the high bridge.

WB Skyway crossing the bridge.

Right after the big bridge is a nice view of the Chicago Skyway as it heads west in the city.

The skyway provides a great view of Downtown Chicago on a clear day.

WB Skyway after 73rd Street.

Milage sign on the WB Skyway.

West end of the Chciago Skyway.

Ramp from WB Skyway to NB Dan Ryan Expy.

EB Skyway

The first M.P. on EB Skyway.

EB Skyway crossing the Ryan Expressway.

M.P. 6 on the EB Skyway.

The BBS for the oasis on the Skyway.

EB Skyway at 76th Street.

EB Skyway at the Skyway Oasis.

EB Skyway at the High Bridge.

M.P. 1 on the Skyway at Indianpolis Blvd.

The eastern end of the Skyway.

A BGS on WB I-94 in Porter County, IN.

A guide marker in Indiana on WB I-94 near Lake Station, IN.

A set of guild markers on the ramp from WB I-94 in Lake Station, IN.

A alternate route marker on NB U.S. Rt. 41 in Hammond, IN. (Sept., 2004)

BGS on NB U.S. Rt. 41, near the Illinois/Indiana State Line.

NB U.S. 41/WB U.S. Rt. 12/20 along the Chicago Skyway (Bridge to right then crossing in foreground).

A trailblazer on NB Stony Island Blvd. in Chicago.

A guide sign on the Skyway Toll Bridge above Stony Island Blvd.

A BGS on WB I-94/NB Dan Ryan Expressway.

A BGS on WB I-94/NB Dan Ryan Expressway.

A BGS on SB U.S. Rt. 41.

A BGS on SB U.S. Rt. 41.

A old BGS on SB Cornell Ave at Stoney Island Blvd. in Chicago. (September, 2008)

*AP; October, 17, 2004
**Three lanes of I-PASS coming to Skyway (Chicago Sun-Times 27 May 2005)
***City of Chicago Looks to Sell Naming Rights for Skyway (WBBM-AM 780 7 May 2005)

10 October 2010