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District FOUR

Fulton, Henderson, Knox, Mc Donugh, Mercer, Peoria, Putnam, Stark, Tazewell, Warren, & Woodford Counties

A rural street sign that was missed when IL St Rt 88 was re-numbered IL St Rt 40. Sign located at IL St Rt 40 & IL St Rt 93, near Bradford. (May, 2005)
The reconstruction of I-74 through Downtown Peoria has left alot of mis-colored banners on guide signs in the Downtown Peoria Area. This exaple is on WB I-74 in east Peoria. (November, 2005)
A BGS on EB I-474. The error is that the exit tab should be on the right side of the sign. (February, 2006)
A junction marker on WB IL St Rt 71, near Hennepin. The "Junction" banner should be blue with white font. (July, 2004)
U.S. Rt. 51 was moved to the Interstate 39 expressway in the early 1990's. The Woodford County Highway Department hasn't got the memo yet about that. This junction sign was found on Woodford County Highway 4 near the junction with Illinois State Route 251, near Panola. (Pictures left to right. Front and then Back) (Feb. 2004.)
Where is the town of Bureau? The western end marker on IL St Rt 18 in Henry. (2003)
A guide sign in East Galesburg. One question where is I-34? (September, 2010)
A BGS on EB U.S. Rt. 34/NB IL St Rt 110 at Galesburg. The "TO" banner in not needed. (September, 2010)
This is on "SB IL 100 and WB U.S. 24". The banners are mixed up on these shields. Sign located at Duncan Mills. (August, 2011)
The IL St Rt 29 shield should be a U.S. Rt. 24 shield. This is on EB U.S. Rt. 24/IL St Rt 9 near Orchard Mines. (May, 2012/August, 2014)
At this point the arrow under the Illinois 8 shield should be facing the same direction at the one under the Illinois 116 shield. This is located on WB Illinois 8/116; SB Illinois 29 in East Peoria. (February, 2021)

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