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District SIX

Adams, Brown, Cass, Christian, Hancock, Logan, Macoupin, Mason, Menard, Montgomery, Morgan, Pike, Sangamon, Schuyler, & Scott Counties

NOTE: The wrong exit number for IL St Rt 10/121. The same number is posted for the exit on both the IL St Rt 10/121 and I-155 BGS. They are not though the same exit number.
Illinois rural mile markers normally don't have and designation of the type of highway on the sign. They just have the highway number. The rural markers on the busniess highways are one exception.
Illinois State Route 124 was pulled back to a end point nine mile north of Sherman. Sangamon County has not changed the street signs to reflect this. The former segment of IL St Rt 124 is now IL St Rt 123. This was changed in October of 2003. The signs as of Feb., 2004 have not been changed.
In 2001 IL St Rt 267 and U.S. Rt. 67 swapped pathes. IL St Rt 267 use to run from Woodson to Godfrey, via Carrolton. Now it runs from Woodson to Medora. This happens to be one mile marker that was never changed. Sign located on NB U.S. Rt. 67 at Woodson. (Feb. 2004)
These signs are located on north and southbound I-55 at Lincoln. Each sign says the same thing. There are three exits that go to Lincoln between these signs. The error is that between the three exits, is a fourth exit, which does not go to Lincoln. The three exits the connect I-55 to Lincoln are, BUSN Loop I-55 at M.P. 123 and 133. Plus, IL St Rt 10/121 at M.P. 126. At M.P. 127, there is a exit for I-155, which does not connect to Lincoln, but Peoria.
This is a the gore point on EB I-72/U.S. Rt. 36 at I-172, near Seehorn. The exit for I-172 is to the left. I-72/U.S. Rt. 36 go right. The exit marker on the right does not need to be there. (July, 2004)
A simple mistake by IDOT. IL St Rt 121 actually is the cross street at this intersection. This is on SB Old U.S. Rt. 66 on Lincolns westside. Shortly after I-155 was placed in service IL St Rt 121 ran north to Hartsburg using a short section of Old U.S. Rt. 66. Then is was pulled back to Lincoln and run down IL St Rt 10 to I-55. (January, 2005)
This mile marker in Pike County is on "U.S. 54" not "IL 54". (July, 2006)
A incorrect interstate shield on NB Old U.S. Rt. 66 at Litchfield. (April, 2007)
There is no BUSN Spur I-55 in Illinois. This should be a BUSN Loop I-55 shield. The BGS is found on NB I-55 south of Tornoto Road. Click the picture for a close-up of the shield. (April, 2007)
IL 124 use to join up with IL 29 a few miles down the road from this marker in Athens. This was pulled back and IL 123 extended down IL 29 and the old path of IL 124. (November, 2008)
The "Jacksonville" sign should have a distance on it, not an arrow. The "Alton" sign on the WB lanes has the same error. Photo taken on EB I-72/U.S. Rt. 36, near Jacksonville. (February, 2010)
The U.S. Rt. 67 shield is missing a "TO" banner. This is located on SB IL St Rt 78 at IL St Rt 104 in Jacksonville. (September, 2010)
A cut-out shield for IL St Rt 336 on WB IL St Rt 61. This IL St Rt 336 shield should have a black outline around the edge for a free standing marker. The shield shown is most common on a BGS. (September, 2010)
The NB I-55 shield should be a BUSN Loop I-55 shield. This is on SB I-55; WB I-72/U.S. Rt. 36 in Springfield, IL. (May, 2012)
An error for the IL 24 shield. This should be a U.S. 24 shield. Error located near Ripley, IL. (September, 2013)
An error in junction signs on NB IL 100 near Meredosia. The IL 100 shield should be an IL 104 shield. (September, 2013)
A Mason County mile marker on U.S. Rt. 136. The "IL" is the error. (April, 2017)
An error sign in Litchfield, IL in the Walmart parking lot. This should be an I-55 shield.

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