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This is the proposed connection between Interstate 80 at Interstate 88, mostly in Kendell and Kane Counties, Illinois.

Map from Rand McNally StreetFinder.
The green lines on the map represents the three possible routes of the highway.

This proposed 36 mile highway would give this area a expressway connection between Interstate 80, and Interstate 88 (Reagan Tollway). The general corridor is along Illinois State Route 47. In the past years IL St Rt 47 has become one of the states busiest surface highways in the State of Illinois. As the Chicago-Metro Area grows to the west, at study was started to watch the growth and congestion in this area. The study looked at five factors on planning the corridors.

*Existing and Planned Homes
*Floodways and Wetlands
*Parks and Preserves
*Illinois Natural Area Sites
*Threatened and Endangered Species Locations

The Illinois Department of Transportation commisioned Northern Illinois University to preform the study. The cost of this study was at $200,000. A council is one of the recomendations of the study. The studay by NIU also recomends that lawmakers sponsir legislation to create the corridor. Once a law is created Grundy, Kane, and Kendall Counties could convene the council. This council would coordinate new development within 1.5 miles on either side of a new transportation centerline.
Info recieved from the Morris Daily Herald 13 November 2003; Morris, Illinois.

A recent study of the Prairie Parkway Corridor shows that the area is rapidly growing and in lack of a multi-lane north-south highway. This study was conducted by IDOT. It does not spell out the need to built hte parkway, but that current two-lane and smaller highways are becoming increasingly congested. Info: Chicago Sun Times 3 March 2004; Chicago, Illinois

A 12-mile section of the parkwya will be built by 2012. The portion will run from Illinois State Route 71 to U.S. Rt. 30. A interchange will be built at U.S. Rt. 34. Info recieved from Morris Daily Herald 30 March 2007; Morris, Illinois

The "B-5" alignment has been chosen as the path. This will have the southern connection of the parkway at I-80, west of Minooka. It also calls for IL St Rt 47 to be widened most of the way from Morris to Yorkville. Info from Herald News 10 June 2007; Joliet, Illinois.

The Federal Highway Administration has given approval for the Prairie Parkway to be constructed. In the approval the FHA also approved expanding Illinois 47 from Interstate 80 to Caton Farm Road. IDOT now can start buying land. The first leg of the project will be constructed from Illinois 71 to U.S. 34, west of Yorkville. IDOT hopes to have all the land purchased, and the Fox River Bridge under construction, by the end of 2009. Between 2009 and 2014 there is $184.2 million in state and federal money for the project. The next section planed after the Fox River Bridge is linking U.S. 34 to U.S. 30. Info from Herald News 24 September 2008; Joliet, Illinois

Federal authorities have approved $1 billion for the highway project. Info from WMAQ-TV 22 September 2008; Chicago, Illinois

Grundy and Kendall County have propesed to the Illinois State Toll Highway Athourity take over the construction of the Prairie Parkway. Both counties see the ISTHA as being able to speed up the highways contruction. Info from Herald News 1 February 2009; Joliet, Illinois

IDOT's Maps of the Three Corridors.

Eastern Corridor
Central Corridor
Western Corridor

The Offical Sites of the Parkway.
The Prairie Parkway Corridor Protection Study
Prairie Parkway Study