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SPUR U.S. Federal Route 136A is a north-south highway in Logan and Tazewell Counties. This highway is marked with two markers (one NB, one SB). The markers are white rectangles with a black outline. They are similar to the Illinois state highway marker, except they omit the word "Illinois". Above the marker a banner is placed staying "SPUR". The highway runs from U.S. Rt. 136 to the Village of Armington.

This highway at one time was Illinois State Route 119A. Illinois State Route 119A ran from Armington to Mc Lean, via the current U.S. Rt. 136. In 1937, the desigantion was removed. More info on IL St Rt 119A can be found on Illinois Highways Page by Rich Carlson.

This map is from IDOT's website. It lables this as U.S. 136 Spur.

The only NB marker.

The NB marker was posted in September, 1999 by IDOT.

SB SPUR U.S. Rt. 136A at U.S. Rt. 136.

NB SPUR U.S. Rt. 136A south of Armington.

The only SB marker.

8 January 2011