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Illinois State Route 124
Sangamon County

Illinois State Route 124 is a short route running north out of the Springfield-Metro to the northern most area in Sangamon County. This route is entirely contained in this county.

In October, 2003 IL St Rt 124 was pulled back to a junction with IL St Rt 123, nine miles north of Sherman. The former section is now part of IL St Rt 123. That highway was extended back into Sangamon County, near Athens, to Williamsville.

IL St Rt 124 passes through the following town.

IL St Rt 124 is not multi-plexed in Sangamon County.

IL St Rt 124 intersects the following highways in Sangamon County.

BUSN. Loop I-55, at Sherman.

Illinois State Route 123, near Sherman.

A junction marker on WB IL St Rt 123.

A junction marker on WB IL St Rt 123.

NB IL St Rt 124 at the new end point at IL St Rt 123.

The new northern end marker.

A street sign in Rural Sangamon County.

Sangamon County mileage sign.

A junction sign on SB BUSN. Loop I-55 at Sherman.

A junction marker on NB BUSN Loop I-55.

The southern end in Sherman.

Southern end marker.

The former northern end point of IL St Rt 124.

Looking east along IL St Rt 123 at IL St Rt 29. This was the former northern end point.

This is the former northern end marker.

13 November 2017