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Illinois State Route 158
Monroe County

In Monroe County, Illinois State Highway 158 is aprox. five miles long. This highway runs into Monroe County from St. Clair County and ends at IL St Rt 3 just south of Columbia. The interchage is a trumpet style. IL St Rt 158 use to go up to Interstate 255, but was pulled back to the IL St Rt 3 interchange. The BGS's near the interchange have "ENDS" banners placed over the direction banner.

IL St Rt 158 does not pass through any towns in Monroe County.

IL St Rt 158 is not multi-plexed in Monroe County.

IL St Rt intersects the following route.
Illinois State Route 3, near Columbia.

WB IL St Rt 158 at the Monroe/St. Clair County Line.

A Monroe County mile marker.

The western end near Columbia.

The western end marker. NOTE: The banner next to IL St Rt 158.

The western end marker. (September, 2014)

The actual western end at IL St Rt 3.

A close-up of the end marker at IL St Rt 3.

EB IL St Rt 158 on the overpass at the interchange with IL St Rt 3.

BGS on SB IL St Rt 3.

2 February 2015