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Mistakes on Indiana Roadways...

These signs were found at the Illinois/Indiana State Line on Indiana State Route 2. The error is that Illinois is labeled as a county.
This is with the trailblazers and guide arrows. They should be blue with whie font. Markers found on BUSN U.S. Rt. 6 at U.S. Rt. 6/IN St Rt 51/130 in Hobart.
Nothing with the signs. Just where they are found along I-80/94/U.S. Rt. 6. U.S. Rt. 41 multi-plexes at Hammond. It is only signed in one spot. That spot is before U.S. Rt. 41 joins I-80/94/U.S. Rt. 6. Sign found on WB I-80/94/U.S. Rt. 6, west of IN St Rt 912.
A odd U.S. Rt. 421 shield. The sheild outline is to big for the sign plate. Located on NB U.S. Rt. 421 north of I-94.
This shield should be a "U.S. Rt. 27" shield. Another sign for the interchange is below with the correct shield. EB I-70 at Richmond. (May 14th, 2004)
The far right BGS is how the BGS in the picture above should be...(May 14th, 2004)
A mis-colored shield on this guild marker in Hammond. (August, 2004)
A U.S. Rt. 231 shield that is not a cut out on EB I-74. (August 14, 2004)
NOTE: The non-straight mileage on the sign. (August 14, 2004)
Another U.S. Rt. 231 shield that is not cut out on NB I-65. (August, 2004)
A new U.S Highway? Either INDOT or Gary thinks Kennedy Ave. is a U.S. Highway. (Sept., 2004)
The red Indiana is missing from the background of this sign. Sign on EB IN St Rt 154 near Hustonville, IL. (May, 2005)
The banner over the left IN St Rt 933 should be a "South" banner not a "TO" banner. Sign on SB BUSN U.S. Rt. 31/IN St Rt 933 in South Bend. (September, 2006)
A arrow placed up insead of down on a BGS on EB I-80/94; U.S. Rt. 6. (October, 2008)
A junction marker on SB U.S. Rt. 131. The junction banner should be blue. (June, 2017)
A BGS near Pleasant View. The IN St Rt 421 shield should be a U.S. Rt. 421 shield. (October, 2017)
A guide marker in Porter. The IN 49 shield is incorrect. (May, 2019)
A set of guide markers on the ramp from I-80/90/IN E-W Toll Road to U.S. Rt. 131/IN St Rt 13. The arrow and "TO" banner on the I-94 shield should be blue and white; the U.S. Rt. 131 shield should not be a cut out. (July, 2019)
A set of guide markers on NB IN St Rt 25, at Logansport. The IN St Rt 24 shield should be a U.S. Rt 24 shield. (June, 2020)
The U.S. Rt. 231 and IN St Rt 68 guide markers should also have a "TO" banner above them. This is on WB IN St Rt 62 in Dale. (April, 2022)
A mile marker on WB I-80/94 in Hammond, IN. The I-90 shield should be an I-94 shield. (January, 2023)