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Former Iowa State Route 965
Johnson County

Iowa State Route 965 runs north-south out of the Coralville-Iowa City Metro-Area along the I-380 freeway. On July 1st, 2003 the Iowa Department of Transportation tranfered the jurisdiction of this highway to Johnson County and the City of Coralville. Whitin the city limits of Coralville, they have justidiction. From the North city limits of Liberty to the Linn/Johnson County Line, Johnson County has jurisdiction.

IA St Rt 965 passes through the following towns in Johnson County.
North Liberty

IA St Rt 965 is not multi-plexed in Johnson County.

IA St Rt 965 crosses the following highways in Johnson County.

U.S. Rt. 6, at Coralville.
Interstate 80, at Coralville.
Interstate 380, near North Liberty. (NO INTERCHANGE)
U.S. Rt. 218, near North Liberty. (NO INTERCHANGE)
Iowa State Route 27, at North Liberty. (NO INTERCHANGE)

NB IA St Rt 965 near I-380/U.S. Rt. 218/IA 27 north of North Liberty.

NB IA St Rt 965 near Johnson County Highway F12 near Swisher.

18 May 2010