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Interstate 24

Interstate 24 runs mostly in a diagnal across Kentucky. Running from Paduch to near Oak Grove, south of Hopkinsville. It provides access to Kentucky Lake, Kentucky Dam, Fort Campbell, and many other attractions in west-central Kentucky.

The welcome center on I-24 near Paduch. It's name is "Whitehaven".

While in Kentucky, I-24 is multi-plexed.

I-24 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 69, from near Palma, to near Eddyville.

I-24 cross the following intersates while in Kentucky.

Interstate 69, near Palma.
Interstate 69, near Eddyville.

Branches of I-24 in Kentucky.

EB I-24 in the middle of the Ohio River bridge between Illinois and Kentucky.

EB I-24 at the Kentucky span of the Ohio River Bridge.

EB I-24 crossing the Kentucky span.

EB I-24 at the Kentucky Welcome Sign.

The welcome sign on EB I-24. (October, 2014)
Photo from: Paul Dienhart

EB I-24 on the northwest side of Paducah.

Signage on a service road outside the eastbound Welcome Center at Paducah, along EB I-24.

The overhead signs on the ramps along WB I-24.

A set of guide signs in Paducah.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart

EB I-24 east of Paducah

WB I-24 near Reidland.

WB I-24 near Palma.

EB I-24 near the Julian M. Carroll Purchase Parkway.

WB I-24 at the JMC Parkway.
Photo from: Eric Richeke

WB I-24 east of the Julian M. Carroll Purchase Parkway.

WB I-24 near the Tennessee River.

Same as picture above. WB I-24 near the Tennesse River.

WB I-24 crossing the Tennessee River looking south at the Kentucky Dam.

Signs for I-24 and the Juliam M. Carroll Purchase Parkway on KY 453.

BGS on SB ALT. U.S. Rt. 41.

EB I-24 near KY St Rt 115.

EB I-24 near the Kentucky/Tennessee State Line.

9 March 2016