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Interstate 71

Interstate 275 is one of the most unique interstate spurs in the United States. This highway passes through three states in it's life. This highway circles the Cincinnati, OH-Covington, KY Metro Area. In doing this, I-275 passes through Kentucky, Ohio, and the Southeastern tip of Indiana. Plus, unlike most spurs that go through more than one state, this highway keeps the same exit and milage numbers throughout all three state. The "0" point of the exit numbers and the milage is at the interchange with I-71/75 in Crestview Hills.

While in Kentucky, I-275 is not multi-plexed.

In Kentucky, Interstate 275 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 471, at Newport.
Interstate 71, at Crestview Hills.
Interstate 75, at Crestview Hills.

One mile markers for the interchange with I-71/75.

BGS's for I-71/75 on WB I-275.

WB I-275 at I-71/75.

Info on the parent route of I-275.

Milage sign on WB I-275 near Wilder.

WB I-27 near KY St Rt 9.

WB I-275 in Taylor Mill.

WB I-275 near the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport.

WB I-275 near Idlewild.

WB I-275 at the Ohio River crossing into Indiana.

Looking due north at the river bridge.

WB I-275 on the Kentucky side the Ohio River Bridge.

WB I-275 crossing the Ohio River.

23 August 2009