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Interstate 71

Interstate 71 runs east-west across North-Central Kentucky. This connects the Louisville Metro Area to the Covington, KY-Cincinnati, OH Metro Area. This is one for the shortest interstates in the State of Kentucky.

While in Kentucky, I-71 is multi-plexed.

I-71 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 75, from near Walton to the Ohio/Kentucky State Line.

In Kentucky, Interstate 71 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 64, at Louisville.

A overhead BGS on WB I-71. Traffic flows on to I-64 for a short time before reaching I-65.

WB I-71 near I-64.
Interstate 264, at Louisville.

The two mile BGS on WB I-71.

WB I-71 near I-264.

WB I-71 at I-264.
Interstate 265, at Louisville.
Interstate 75, near Walton.

SB I-71/75 one mile from south I-71. (October, 2017)

SB I-71/75 near south I-71. (October, 2017)

SB I-71/75 at south I-71. (October, 2017)
Interstate 275, near Crestview Hils.

BGS on NB I-71/75 for I-275.

BGS for I-275 on NB I-71/75. Note how "TO I-471" is displayed.

NB I-71/75 near I-275.

NB I-71/75 at I-275.

NB I-71/75 at the stack interchage with I-275.

Branches of I-71 in Kentucky.

The western end marker. There is one sign posted on each side of the highway. NOTE: The mis-colored banner abover the shield.

I-71 runs along the Veterans Memorial Freeway.

WB I-71 near Glenview.

WB I-71 near Brownsboro Farm.

A guide sign on WB U.S. Rt. 42.

A guide sign on NB I-65.

NB I-71/75, near Union.

SB I-71/75 near M.P. 177.

SB I-71/75 south of U.S. Rt. 42/127.

SB I-71/75 at U.S. Rt. 42/127.

Mile marker on NB I-71/75.

A BGS on SB I-71/75.

SB I-71/75 near KY St Rt 18.

A BGS on SB I-71/75.

NB I-71/75 near the Airport.

A BGS on EB I-275.

A BGS on EB I-275.

BGS on NB I-71/75 near the Ohio River.

NB I-71/75 near the Ohio River.

A close up of the BGS from the picture above.

NB I-71/75 at the Ohio River.

The last BGS in Kentucky on NB I-71/75.

NB I-71/75 crossing the Ohio River into Downtown Cincinnati, OH.

NB I-71/75 crossing the Ohio River. SB I-71/75 is on the upper level.

23 March 2018