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Interstate 375

Interstate 375 is a short highway giving direct access to Downtown Dteroit from Interstate 75. This also gives quick connection to Interstate 94 and Interstate 96. Both highway are just miles away on I-75. In January, 2004 there was only one stand alone guild shield on the whole length. It was on SB I-375, just south of I-75.

While in Michigan, I-375 is not multi-plexed.

In Michigan, Interstate 375 crosses the following interstate.

Interstate 75, at Detroit.

A BGS on NB I-375.

Another overhead sign on NB I-375.

Info on the parent route to I-75.

SB I-375

A graphical guide sign on NB I-75.

The only main line guide shield.

SB I-375 near Monroe Ave.

Looking south along I-375 ner Monroe St. from the Greektown Hotel parking lot.

The first indication that the highway is ending.

The southern end of I-375.

NB I-375

A overhead sign in Downtown Detroit at the start to I-375.

The start of I-375.

NB I-375 near Lafayette Blvd.

Looking north along I-375 near Monroe Street from the Greektown Hotel parking lot.

NB I-375 near I-75.

24 January 2013