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Interstate 696

Interstate 696 rusn east-west across the northern part of the Detroit Metro. It is the northern leg of the loop around the downtown areas. I-696 runs from I-96/275 in Farmington Hills to I-94 at St. Clair Shores.

While in Michigan, I-696 is not multi-plexed.

In Michigan, Interstate 696 crosses the following interstates.

Interstate 96, at Farmington Hills.
Interstate 275, at Farmington Hills.
Interstate 75, at Madison Heights.

EB I-696 near I-75.

A BGS on EB I-696.

EB I-696 at I-75.
Interstate 94, at St. Clair Shores.

EB I-696 two miles from I-94.

EB I-696 one mile from I-94.

EB I-696 near I-94.

EB I-696 at I-94.

Info on the parent route of I-696

A guide sign on WB I-96/NB I-275.

Overhead BGS's on the ramps at the I-96/275/696/MI 5 interchange.

A guide marker on 10 Mile Road in Farmington Hills.

BGS for I-696/MI St Rt 5.

Overhead signs on MI St Rt 5.

EB I-696 at MI St Rt 5.

EB I-696 in Royal Oak.

EB I-696 in Warren.

EB I-696 near Roseville.

7 September 2009