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Interstate 69

Interstate 69 runs in South-Central and East-Central Michigan. It runs from the Indiana/Michigan State Line, near Kinderhook, to the United States/Canada Border, at Port Huron. In the State of Michigan, there are no interstate spurs, but there are several business loops.

While in Michigan, I-69 is multi-plexed.

I-69 is multi-plexed with...

...BUSN Loop I-94, near Marshall.

...Interstate 96, near Lansing.
...Interstate 94, at Port Huron.

In Michigan, Interstate 69 intersects the following interstates.

Interstate 94, near Marshall.

A BGS on NB I-69.

Another BGS on NB I-69.

NB I-69 at I-94.
Interstate 96, at Lansing.

A BGS on NB I-69.

Another BGS on NB I-69.

NB I-69 at I-96.
Interstate 496, at Lansing.
Interstate 96, near Lansing.
Interstate 75, at Flint.
Interstate 475, at Flint.
Interstate 94, at Port Huron.

Branches of I-69 in Michigan.

NB I-69 at the Indiana/Michigan State Line.

NB I-69 at the Michigan Welcome Sign.

A set of guide makers at Kinderhook.

A BGS at Kinderhook.

A guide marker in Marshall.

NB I-69 north of I-94.

NB I-69 near Olivet.

NB I-69 south of Charlotte.

NB I-69 north of Charlotte.

SB I-69 near Dimondale.

30 October 2016