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Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is a one of a kind boarder crossing. This links Detroit, Michigan, United States of America to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It is the only vehicular international sub-aqueous boarder crossing in the world. Also, it is the second busiest border crossing between the Untied States and Canada. The tunnel was built with private funds. In 1990 the Canada half was reverted to the City of Windsor, while the U.S. half still remains in private hands.

The Detroit Windsor Tunnel LLC, a private firm that operates the tunnel for Alenda Capital Partners LLC, has offered to extend the lease of the tunnel with the City of Detroit for 60 more years after the current lease expires in 2020. The bid is $60 million, which is $2 million more than a plan by Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to lease Detroit's part of the tunnel to the City of Windsor. Canadian officials have said they prefer the tunnel be contolled by a public authority. Under the new offer, Detroit would no longer get toll revenue from tunnel traffic. Currently, Detroit gets 20% of tolls.*

The D-W Tunnel is aproximately one mile long. There is one lane in each direction.

The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel connects the following metros to each other.

The tunnel is operated by the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Corporation.

Toll plazas for the tunnel.
United States Portal Plaza, Detroit

Canada Portal Plaza, Windsor.

The Canada Toll Plaza.

The price chart in January, 2004.

A guide marker to the tunnel in Downtown Detroit.

EB midway through the tunnel.

EB in the tunnel near the Canada Portal.

A guide marker in Downtown Windsor.

A sign on the Windsor side of the tunnel.

WB through the tunnel.

* Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Operatos Offer $60 Million for New Lease WSBT-TV 22 South Bend, Indiana

7 September 2009