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Future Interstate 22

Interstate 22 is a east-west highway across Northern Mississippi. This will run from the Mississippi/Alabama State Line to the Greater-Memphis Area, via Tupelo and Holly Springs. It passes through the Holly Springs National Forest. This runs along the U.S. Rt. 78 corridor. This highway will be signed Interstate 22 once the portions in Alabama is complete. When that is done, the interstate highway between Birmingham and Greater-Mamphis will be complete. One item left to be determined is how this highway will connect into the Memphis interstate system. For that there are several ideas. One being it will use the Future Interstate 269 to Interstate 55. The next idea is upgrading U.S. Rt. 78 to Interstate 240.

One of the corridor signs. Sign located on WB U.S. Rt. 78 near New Albany.

August, 2005 (New Albany to Mississippi/Tennessee State Line)

WB I-22 at New Albany.

WB I-22 near the Hell Creek W.M.A.

WB I-22 near Myrtle.

WB I-22 near the Union/Benton County Line.

WB I-22 near Hickory Flat.

WB I-22 near MS St Rt 178 in Benton County.

WB I-22 near Potts Camp.

WB I-22 near the Benton/Marshall County Line.

WB I-22 near Lake Center.

WB I-22 in the Holly Springs National Forest.

WB I-22 near Holly Springs.

WB I-22 near Byhalia.

WB I-22 near the Marshall/De Soto County Line.

WB I-22 near the Mississippi/Tennessee State Line. The Tennessee line is at the street lights in the background.

9 December 2010