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Interstate 69

Interstate 69 is the newest interstate highway in Mississippi. This runs from Interstate 55, north of Hernando, to the De Soto/Tunica County Line, north of Tunica.

Future progress on building this highway further in Mississippi has the highways multi-plexing with I-55 to the Mississippi/Tennessee State Line. To the south and west, I-69 will head south along the U.S. Rt. 61 corridor from Tunica to south of Cleveland, via Clarksdale. South of Cleveland it will turn east-west and head into Arkansas, via the to be built Great River Bridge.

The ribbon cutting for the new highways took place on October 3rd, 2006. The 20 miles section is expected to help with the saftey and growth of Northwestern Mississppi.*

While in Mississippi, I-69 is multi-plexed.

I-69 is multi-plexed with...

...Interstate 55, from the Mississippi/Tennessee State Line to near Hernando.
...Mississippi State Route 304, in De Soto County.
...Mississippi State Route 713, in De Soto County.

In Mississippi, Interstate 69 crosses the following interstate.

Interstate 55, near Hernando.

Branches of I-69 in Mississippi.

A sign on SB I-55. (August, 2005)

SB I-55 near the future I-69/I-269 interchange. (August, 2005)

The bridges of the future I-69/269 interchange. (August, 2005)

"I-69 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Set for Tuesday, October 3rd" MDOT Press Release

3 January 2009