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Interstate 170

Interstate 170 is a north-south spur of I-70. Running from I-270 south to I-64/U.S. Rt. 40, I-170 proviedes access to the inner-northwest suburbs of St. Louis. Also, it gives access to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Though rarley used, I-170 is called the Inter-Belt Expressway.

While in Missouri I-170 is not multi-plexed.

Interstate 170 crosses the following interstates in Missouri.

Interstate 270, (Circumferential Expressway) at Hazelwood.

A BGS 2 miles from I-270 on I-170.

A BGS 1 mile from I-270 on I-170.

NB I-170 near I-270.

NB I-170 at I-270.

Interstate 70, (Mark Twain Expressway) at Berkley

NB I-170 two miles from I-70.

NB I-170 one mile from I-70.

NB I-170 near I-70.

NB I-170 at EB I-70.

NB I-170 at WB I-70.

The frist BGS on SB I-170.

The one mile BGS on SB I-170.

SB I-170 near I-70.

SB I-170 at I-70.

SB I-170 at EB I-70.
Interstate 64, (Daniel Boone Expressway) at Richmond Heights.

The one mile BGS on SB I-170.

SB I-170 near I-64.

SB I-170 at I-64.

SB I-170 near I-64. (July, 2009)

SB I-170 at I-64. (July, 2009)

SB I-170 a half mile from I-64. (June, 2010)

SB I-170 near I-64. (June, 2010)

SB I-170 at I-64. (June, 2010)

Info on I-170's parent route.

The northern end of I-170.

The northern end marker.

SB I-170 south of I-270.

SB I-170 near Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

A guide marker at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

SB I-170 north of Natural Bridge Road.

A set of guide markers on WB MO St Rt 115.

A set of guide markers at the I-170/MO St Rt 115 interchange.

SB I-170 south of Natural Bridge Road.

SB I-170 near University City.

SB I-170 near Brentwood.

A guide marker in Clayton.

NB I-170 in Clayton.

The first end marker on SB I-170.

The final SB end marker.

The final SB end marker.

A End marker on SB I-170. (July, 2009)

The southern end of I-170.

SB I-170 at I-64/U.S. Rt. 40. (July, 2009)

A BGS on EB I-64/U.S. Rt. 40.

A guide marker on the ramp from EB I-64/U.S. Rt. 40.

A guide marker on NB Hanley Rd.

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